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Sex While On Period; an acronym that refers to having sex while a woman is having her period
I hate to SWOP, it's so messy.
by Tracy Kaply August 19, 2006
a combination of sweeping and moppin
go swop the floor!!!
by ciiiii July 10, 2009
A synonym for 'deep' in the emotional sense. Some may use other words like heartfelt or sincere.
Nick: Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get.
John: Man, that's pretty swop
by Dani Panini March 04, 2014
something nasty or gross, that waddles like a penguin and bobs their head like an ostrich.
sick chloe shes looking pretty swop today.
by alexis lynn November 02, 2008
A Swiss citizen from the Italian speaking region of the country
That motherfuckin swop...when I get my hands on him
by Simon Dermer January 04, 2004