A format used by Macromedia, of a compiled Flash Document
Did you save ynet.swf yet? If not, exit out, I'll finish later.
by BriaN! April 09, 2004
Someone Worth Fucking
Friend: What do you think of the new flat mate?

You: Oh yeah, SWF!
#sex #fucking #fukn #fkn #fuckin' #fuck
by Neava September 01, 2007
Acronym standing for super wicked fork
(see mangas H2 ch. 203 page 03)
-Oh! I know! How about "super wicked fork"
#swf #super #wicked #fork #forkball #h2
by tornader April 18, 2008
An acronym, short for Star Wars fan. Usually morbidly obese, very rarely black. Often on the end of an insult because of lamness.
bilb : OMG LOOK STAR WARS FAN, ghey!
swf : I belive United states would be better as a communist nation.
bilb : K, yer black.
#star wars fag #star wars fan #swf #gay #gey
by b1lb December 02, 2005
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