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1.To give a blowjob so hard that the testes are sucked right out of their sack, up the shaft and into the mouth of the person fellating. Often results in heamorraging.

2.A Croation broom made of feathers and porcupine needles, used for sweeping other things made of feathers and porcupine needles. Useless really.
1. Im gonna sweeple him to death

OR she sweepled me so bad last night, now im impitant.

2. look at my sweeple brush. I hate it but i cant bear to throw it out.
#fellatio #blowjob #broom #sweep #croatia #balls #porcupine
by James Richardson. November 29, 2008
sweet twitter people.
My followers are all sweeple.
#tweeps #tweeple #twittastic #tweetheart #twitterati
by EstherGreenwood January 02, 2011
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