Abbreviation for "software" as opposed to hardware in the computer world.
I got this cool underground sound card but I don't have the SW to drive it!! :o(
by Nazu March 14, 2005
silently weeping, an acronym used in text speak
A: Your team just lost the Super Bowl!
by KBabbles February 07, 2011
short for Subwoofer - a complete loudspeaker dedicated to the reproduction of bass audio frequencies.
John: I hooked up my SW last night, and its deafening.
by dmandbezt August 28, 2009
Selfie Whore
Your being a giant SW today.
by classy Carrie January 15, 2015
Suicide Watch
After what I did last night, I'm putting myself on S.W.
by magnificence July 26, 2010
singwa, an asian gang
by nahsik October 04, 2003
Smoke Weed
I want Sw = I want Smoke Weed
by x2x1 March 24, 2012

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