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A rating scale for females at SUNY Institute of Technology. Due to the lack of women on campus, the SUNYIT scale gives females an extra 4 points on the 10 scale
"Dude, when I saw her at SUNYIT she was smokin hot. I would of gave her a 9 until I saw her out at the club. She was more like a 5 when I saw her around normal females."

Dude: "I only have sex with dime pieces"

Homie: "Yeah right, that girl you beat at school is busted. She's no better than a six"

Dude: "Duh, I was at SUNYIT."

Homie: "Ohh, yeah she's a dime on the SUNYIT scale for sure."
by MajorBlaze1 December 26, 2010
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