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Imagine the middle of nowhere add a main street and approximatly 12 bars and 5 pizza places (only one with cold pizza). The campus is generally very nice unless you live in hulbert which is like the center for death becuase its so far from anything else on the campus. A place ruled by greek life and even if you arent in one random people call your room phone every min of everyday during rush week to get you to pledge. A place where the parties are usually closed but yet you can manage to hang out until all hours of the morning at either the bars or in the rooms. You know it isnt called stoneonta for nothing! All in all it is a wonderful school if you are getting your "higher" education in the field of alcohol, THC or cold pizza consumption
I want to go to SUNY Oneonta
by a college student here March 07, 2005
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City of hills, my ass city of snow. The snowflakes take steriods, we get pwnedby snow and the nightlife is expensive.
Damn it's cold here in Oneonta.
by a college student here March 02, 2005

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