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Leader of the Russian Spanish mob
" Did you see Steff handle that gun last night??? Amazing.."
by Shay October 07, 2004
61 42
1. Someone who is a retarded pole dancer (in a good way)
2. Likes to be obese and eat brownies
3. Deletes messages.
4. Sings like an angel in the shower
5. Slaht

Steff, stephanie, stefasaurus, derder

is that steff. shes retarded!!
by DERDERDERDERDERDER November 24, 2010
19 28
The act of not being able to keep one's food in one's mouth.
OMG you've steffed again.
by magicbeansmagicbeansmagicbeans February 06, 2008
18 47
skanky hoe, who eats rat poison. beautiful and pretty, but eats too much.
do you eat alot? you must be a steff
by rainbow.sunshine August 29, 2008
12 57
SLUT, big nasty slut, Fucks on the first date.
LIkes to suck big giant big toes!

BIG BIG BIG Gramma kisser.
loves chris b.

makes cupcakes, and shakes hands, all the time.
Did you just kiss my boyfriend? WHAT A STEFFFFF!
by k@Rl33 February 14, 2009
13 74