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STSF(Semper Tacitus Semper Fidelis)-A group of elite individuals who follow, and are bound by, the code STSF.
STSF-Semper Tacitus Semper Fidelis.
Tacitus-Silence/That which must not be spoken of
Code explanation:

Semper Tacitus-That which happens between us, stays between us and is not discussed with or in the presence of outsiders.

Semper Fidelis-Always look out for each other. Always back each other up.
We are STSF!! STSF forever!!!
by DarkSkull June 16, 2010
Spread That Shit Fucker
person 1: you're a whore

person 2: STSF no one cares about you anyways

person 3: :0
by winkywink November 24, 2010
shit thats so funny
STSF. he is the best
by kickbuttsurrey October 25, 2010