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an abbr. for 'sooner than now'. often used in the graphic design world for projects with unrealistic deadlines.
my boss said it was needed stn
by otis t. November 11, 2005
7 8
Sooner Than Now. An online zine that covers global art, design and culture.
Did you see that cool illustration stuff on STN today?
by Moggytron May 28, 2010
18 1
Acronym for Spend The Night.

Can be used in different tenses: spending the night, spent the night, etc
I'm too drunk to drive home, can I just STN with you? (spend the night)

I've got a lot of studying tonight, I'll probably be STN at the library. (spending the night)

I saw her on a walk of shame after she STN with him! (spent the night)
by amyks May 04, 2011
8 0
(STN): Acronym for 'Straight To Noose'. When someone says something so incredibly stoopid, that the person should put there head in a noose as fast as possible, in order to insure death as quick as possible.
Drew: My dome is so gone I feel like a blue whale skating on crystal ice blades on top of a fucking rainbow niggaaa
Aaron: Wow dude. STN.
by retarded512 July 03, 2010
1 4