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Its when you just get so tired of your friend or family memember's whinning or constantant complaining that you wish you were temporarily deaf or wish you could slap the living crap out of the other person so yell out STD (Stop the Drama!!!!!!)

This term was recently seen on a episode of Jersey Shore when Snookie aka Snickers gets arrested for DUI and cries in Italy and Vinny yells out "STD: STOP THE DRAMA!"
Sunny: (crying hysterically) why won't you call me Vladamir, I love you so much, all I'm asking is for you to call me every day.....

Vladamir: holy cow woman STD (STOP THE DRAMA) .....

So Vladamir hangs up......Dial Tone is the next sound that is heard by Sunny!
by Zio Carmine aka Don Gesu September 14, 2011

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