Someone who seems to be relatively unintelligent (low GPA), but does above average on the STAR (Standardized Testing And Reporting) tests every year in the spring.
Person 1: Did Chris show you his STAR scores?
Person 2: Yea... I don't understand how he gets such bad grades but totally owns those tests...
Chris: It's because I'm a STAR-tard..
by Chrizzizzipppi April 24, 2008
Top Definition
A paying member of a web based discussion forum. Used by the anonymous users of the site due to the star that appears by the name of the Registered and paying forum member.
This new startard ban system is terrible.

Any thread posted by a startard is potentially homogenized propaganda.

The startards are having a field day with their banhammers

I am a startard and I am proud

That Startard banned me from his thread

That startard baned me for no reason
by UnThredded September 22, 2010
When a person is star struck by someone famous and finds that their tongue and mind are tied for words, so they just blurb something out.
Walking along 9th Avenue I overheard a voice I recognized. It was Mark Indelicato (Justin) from 'Ugly Betty'. I had a startard moment. All I could say was, "Mark! Dude. You're so awesome. Thank you." He smiled and said thanks.
by Bobby Whispers April 28, 2010
Commonly used to describe vacation photos of fat people, who in turn, look retarded. Picture examples would be holding a starfish ( the 'star' in star tard ), basking in the sun or just taking up half the beach.
" hey man, have you checked out andrew roberts profile pic lately? "
" omg yeah, he looks like such a flaming startard "

" doucher. "
by TopHatVIP_69 May 02, 2009
One who is retarded at ordering at Starbucks.
That person is a startard.
by EwYor Ugly June 29, 2008
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