Same Shit Different Pile
No change in your dull dull life
Dude1:Hey man whats up?
Dude2:SSDP you know same shit different pile.
by Sirhc D April 28, 2007
Top Definition
Students for Sensible Drug Policy is an international grassroots network of students who are concerned about the impact drug abuse has on our communities, but who also know that the War on Drugs is failing our generation and our society.

SSDP mobilizes and empowers young people to participate in the political process, pushing for sensible policies to achieve a safer and more just future, while fighting back against counterproductive Drug War policies, particularly those that directly harm students and youth.
Kid: Hey, our school doesn't have an SSDP charter. Not cool.
Kid #2: Wanna start one? This is unacceptable. How do over 200 school's have one and we don't?
Kid: Great question. I'll look up more about it on ! Can't wait to see some actual legitimate change happen!
by kcook4 April 06, 2010
Same shit, different people. Variation on ssdd
If we fire this guy and hire a new guy, it will just be ssdp.
by rxbusa April 22, 2007

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