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To Spork Job is the act of masterbating into a spork then feeding it to someone who is asleep.
Rambo: You Suck.
Chuck Norris: If you don't shut up I will spork job your mother.
by Judo Master July 20, 2008
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in the act of flinging your hands behind your cranium and whipping your limbs behind your ass while the woman yells spork me almighty sporker while the banana is in her bunghole and the man yells fuck me gently while in his left hand his phalanges fondle a banana peel and his earlobe penetrates the inside of the womans clitoris
SPORKJOB! Monkeys are professionals at this act so if you are looking for the best go to them and they will take you for a fuck-filled fun fest.
by ferret lover <3 69 August 15, 2008
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