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Common abbreviation for "Speed of Priyesh". The speed of Priyesh is the velocity attained by a particle that travels at a speed of approximately 186,286 x 10^7 miles/second. As of 23rd June 2011 only one individual has reached the speed of Priyesh. This incident is well marked in history since, Einstein believed that the maximum velocity of a particle is the speed of light. On the 2nd of June 2011, he was proven wrong as Priyesh Wilhelm III reached the speed of Priyesh (variance +-0.17 m/s) while driving his Mitsubishi Lancer VII through the streets of Bahrain. Known witnesses of this event are Von Daniken and Shaboora Bin Lazer Abd Il Sniper.
Person: Omg! I was going so fast, in my Mitsubishi Lancer VII, that I actually couldn't see where I was going! WTF just happened?!

Person 2: You must have been going at the SOP (Speed of Priyesh)
by LazerBeamsZZ!!!! July 22, 2011
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