is the word to describe someone, who is great or a beast def # 3. at many things
hes somo, he can do anyhting
by anonymous00 December 13, 2005
Top Definition
SOMO means
Style Of My Own
Meaning you do not folow drees codes you wear what u want ... meaning also unlabled!
a SOMO girl would wear Ripped Jeans, White Shirt, Tie, Red Michigan Jumper
Not classed as anything mixture of everything
Listes to all kind of music DJ MCR etc...
by mobbster November 19, 2006
speaking in circles and telling people what they want to hear as a way to manipulate everyone into thinking you're honest/good while simultaneously exploiting everyone for your own egomaniacal gain.

Named after world famous photographer Michael Somoroff whose fame is predicated on the idea that people believe he's famous, and not from any actual accomplishments
I almost got fired for stealing but i somo'ed my way out of it with some really slick story, everyone bought it so I'm fine.
by nerkiansavage January 29, 2015
A breed of gay man heralding from Southern California. They are much different from their Northern California "San Francisco" gay cousins due to their overall shallow nature, and thirst for hard drugs and long nights of partying.

The term derives from the other slang term "homo" meaning a gay man or homosexual, with "ho" being replaced by "so" for Southern California.
Nor Cal homo = San Francisco

Somo = LA
by SirRobertDudley December 10, 2009
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