"yo you wanna buy some 'sol?"
"is it any good?"
"yeah bro, this shit'll fuck you up"
by . g r e g . March 03, 2005
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an acronym, Snorting Out Loud
(sort of like lol)
Alexsandra was SOL-ing about the sperm digger
by afuckingclown December 28, 2008
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an Acronym for "Sigh Out Loud", originated on the internet used to express great disappointment or boredom, now used widely on the internet and in real life (RL)
Richard: Hey, wanna go out drinking and get parmas tonight?
Trevor: Sol... i have work tonight so i cant.
Richard: Sol...

Doctor: Im afraid you have cancer...
Patient: Sol...
by Richard Gray October 13, 2007
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'Stuck on Stupid'

Someone says something really stupid or something everybody already knew bout it, and its old news. And your just sitting there thinking they're stupid, so when they're finished talking... Say SOS then walk away.
Marcus: Did yall know they're selling Big-Mac snack wraps at McD's now?
Jamal: Its been on commercial everyday, everybody knows bout so why you telling us like its amazing.
Marcus: I thought you didn't know bout it man.
Jamal: Just shut up, your so SOL
by *LiLW33ZY* June 26, 2010
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by Duckzilla July 29, 2009
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wow you've got shit on liver (SOL)
by Cbearz August 27, 2008
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When someone takes a dump on any one named lia's head. Was first done to a girl in the Bathroom at tucker highschool.
In the middle of sex or a as a prank, taking a dump on someones head.

"Dude, i totally SOL'd on lia last night."
by the weewee king November 27, 2005
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