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Soley. The sun or a great girl who loves animes.
Sol: W0000t go phantom of the opera!
by Kevy X August 10, 2005
14 78
Acronym for "Sod out of luck."
So, if you don't get a ticket for this thing, you're SOL.
by Danica April 26, 2006
9 74
scream out loud

gee guys why wouldnt anyone know that lol.x
cherry: she is so annoying
floatalicious: sol
cherry: i feel the same sol
by hamper.xxx August 31, 2007
2 69
1. A term used when someone hijack's your thread using amusingly lewd sexual references on an internet forum.

2. You go 0-fer when fishing.
Your thread on using bobbers just got Sol'd ;)

You didn't catch anything? ...what a Sol!
by Steelie December 06, 2006
7 77
Shit on the Liver (acronym). Used in some countries to describe grumpy, irritable behavior.
Joe snaps at Fred. Fred says "What's up your arse? Got S.O.L. or something?"
by settantta April 25, 2010
13 109
Snickered out loud. Used to top what someone says when they say they LOLd.
SMd biotch cause i just S.O.L.d
by webtoedCocksucker5 September 01, 2010
24 122
Sick of life.
person A: What's up with you bro?
person B: Just S.O.L.
by psychedelicc April 03, 2011
32 132