To be smoking pipes filled with marijuana. This defonition is refered to when the user would rather not directly refer to the meaning of his or her own statement to the public, before or after the action of smokeing marijuana.
The young friend said to the other whilst in front of a parent or guardian, "last night we were just watching a movie and s'n p's". Usually such a statement is followed by laughter or a comment about what they might have meant by what they said.
by goffish September 23, 2005
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A bunch of bloody-minded charlatans intent upon destroying the union of the United Kingdom, supported by a bunch of anti-English bigots.

The entire basis of their arguement centres around a non-renewable source of energy that they claim ownership to but seem to forget that without the help of the UK as a whole would not have had the means to extract it in the first place. Not to mention their shyness when it comes to addressing the West Lothian question.

Their entire mission statement is fantastical and unsustainable. Should Scotland become a divided nation current schemes such as free university tuition fees and the shambles that is the Scottish parliament would crumble leaving already poor Scottish citizens to foot the bill.

UNITED we stand, divided we fall. Keep Britain great, BOYCOTT the SNP.
I'm going to vote SNP because I don't want to be run by the English and their SCOTTISH PM.
by Alfie_88 October 03, 2008
Quote from SNP:

"The SNP is a democratic left-of-centre political party committed to Scottish independence. It aims to create a just, caring and enterprising society in the mainstream of modern Europe by releasing Scotland's full potential as an independent nation.

The party has been at the forefront of the campaign for Scottish self-determination for almost seventy years. The evolution of the SNP has been paralleled by the political evolution of Scotland herself - from an almost totally unionist country to a nation on the brink of independence."
end of offical quote.

Despite blatant unionist lies and ignorance the SNP is not a racist or anti English party and has nothing in common with the right wing xenophobes of the BNP.

Much can be said about whether or not Scotland could survive after independence. Scotland would not just survive we would FLOURISH.

But after 300 years of union Scotland is the sick man of europe, a thrid of our children live in poverty and the highlands is one of the poorest regions in the EU. The majority of Europes oil flows through the north east of Scotland yet thanks to British government taxes we pay the highest petrol prices in the developed world.

We are the only country in the world that has seen its poverty levels increase after the discovery of oil.

It is a myth that Scotland is subsidised by the rest of the UK, it is well documented (HM Tresuary stats)that it is in fact the other way around.

Free Scotland.
The SNP are a powerful force in Scottish politics.
by dom turisty September 19, 2004
Saturday Night Project.

Getting yourself some company of the opposite sex round for a 'film'.
"bro you out on Saturday?"

"no, I've got myself a SNP"
by alltalknotrousers November 14, 2013
SNP, political party that wants to withdraw Scotland from the United Kingdom and make it part of a united European superstate.

Aught to be called the European National Party.
SNP are garbage. Vote UKIP.
by Ben Lawrence November 02, 2005
The political party who DESERVE your vote
SNP are better than labor, tories, Lib Dems and UKIP
by David Richardson April 06, 2005

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