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Stands for "suck my rather large cock".

Can be used in a wide range of circumstances ranging from having just won an internet battle/debate, losing an internet battle and being proven wrong, or just as a simple insult.
Example 1
User1: Dude, no. youre wrong. vader NEVER says "luke i AM your father."
User2: what are you TALKING about?! yes he does. its one of the most classic scenes in movie history!
User1: youre an idiot. he says "no, I am your father"
User2: nuh-uh.
User1: *link to youtube with scene in question* SMRLC

Example 2
User1: Sonic would beat the shit outta mario.
User2: dude....mario is waaay more popular than sonic, so stfu.
User1: We're not talking about popularity! were talking about who would ACTUALLY win in a fight!
User2: SMRLC

Example 3
User1: SMRLC
User2: lulwut?
User1: n00b.
by Bobwuzhere December 10, 2010
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