Sado-masochism bondage and discipline, but also "such my big dick"
"Would you like to SMBD?" - Jorge

"Yes, I will suck your big dick any day!" - Stacy
by Sexxyyyy February 22, 2009
1. Acronym for- Suck My Balls Dude.
2. Not used in a literal manner.
3. Usage is typically defensive or condescending.
4. Often used in text or email communications.
Friend's text- "Why u leave bar early? Shot down by all the chicks?"
Reply- "No, I took your girlfriend home...S.M.B.D."
by Michael DeFant December 11, 2008
sodomy masochism bondage disipline
sadomasochism bondage disipline
The young man was at the dominatrix's mercy during the session, and while he manacled to the wall and being flogged, he thought, 'This smbd is greeeaaaaaat.'
by Chelsea November 16, 2004
suck my brother's dick
"You're a bitch"
by dawsoncreek21 November 03, 2011

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