WHen one goes about throwing a temper tantrum and slamming things around to get attention and be noticed.
The boss was acting like a wicked bitch and having a slampage because people were'nt paying attention.
by NEILBAXTER May 29, 2009
Top Definition

A string of many sexual encounters with different people in a very short span of time.
Molly: She slept with like eight guys in two months... practically a slampage!
Kiki: I mean I guess she just needed to get railed.
by hze February 18, 2008
Combined words of slutty and rampage. Refers to a girl in her rebound stage taking lots of dicks in a relatively short period of time.
Amber was dumped by her boyfriend, so she went on a slampage to get back at him.
by JakDaxter March 04, 2015
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