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Verb used when any number of SLOBs hit the town, smash it up (with a capital 'S'), have lots of banter, throw lots of sex toys, have massive pile-ons, kiss each other, fart enough, take the piss out of each other, and have a thoroughly good time. It may also involve the throwing of condiments and smashing of easter eggs on peoples heads.

Usually linked to Friday nights in Angel, but can be extended to be used at other gay-friendly events.
'Oi, Redders you cunt, are you SLOB-ing it tonight?'

'I'm going to be SLOB-ing it all over the shop this weekend'

'I like riding bikes and SLOB-ing it'

'Mum, have you ever tried SLOB-ing it with the lads?'
by Scott Staffrd November 14, 2007
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