a person that really enjoys eating skittles and muffins preferably at the same time.
kirstee and jake, you guys are being real big skittle muffins yo
by jfjfjfjfjfjfjfj January 30, 2009
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An attempt made by the legendary Blackstar (Mark 2) to create a replacement for the word 'fuck' in a request from a GameArena poster. Mainly implemented for random, last-resort term usage, such as the example.
Target: Dickhead.
Insulter: Slut.
Target: Fuckmunch.
Insulter: Cockflop.
Target: Asshole.
Target: wtf?
Insulter: *walks off, leaving target feeling awkward*
by Blackstar-of-GameArena May 23, 2005
The term 'Skittlemuffin' is a 'last resort'-style insult. The 'randomness' of the word makes a complete and utter fool of both yourself, and your target.
'I may be having sex with your sisters, but you.....YOU'RE A SKITTLEMUFFIN!'
by Blackstar-of-GameArena May 22, 2005

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