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stands for super jumbo tampons
as in used by girls who have a heavy period flow and a wide-set vagina
molly uses SJT's - she's not a virgin
she's also fat

its not my fault i have a heavy period flow and a wide-set vagina, and because of that everyone thinks im not a virgin
Social Justice Terrorist

What Social Justice Warriors (SJW) become once they get out from behind the keyboard and form groups.

Mainly found in colleges and lynch mobs, they will attack anyone with an opinion they disapprove of.

Usually seen throwing things at police officers, trying to ruin people's lives or strip them of free speech by slander/threats/abuse.
Person 1: Hey dude check out this youtube video : /watch?v=3lLe50ym1KQ
Person 2: Ugh, fucking SJT's
by Ixaraan June 30, 2016
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