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Quite Simply the Sexiest Man with the most Sensual Voice on this Planet.

Oh, Yeah, and also the lead vocalist of the 80's band, Duran Duran.
It is my dream to fuck Simon LeBon while listening to *Hungry Like The Wolf*, in *Rio* on *Planet Earth* as my *Reflex* makes his pants *Come Undone* while *Saving a Prayer* for the *Wild Boys* during a *New Moon on Monday*. *Nortorious*......
by V August 02, 2004
The lead vocalist to Duran Duran and Arcadia.
Simon Le Bon has the very best voice ever I Love Him <<3
by simonlebonswife April 20, 2009
A semi-lob-on or semi-on. A penis that is not totally erect but has a good blood flow running through it at the time of commenting.
I am hanging quite well today thanks, I have a simon lebon
by steve d wilson April 02, 2006
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