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The rubbing movement made by cats, from the nose to the ears, eg against a table leg, your leg, or anything in reach. A non-sexual sign of affection from your cat.
Does your cat sig your table leg too?
by Moonshadows February 11, 2011
0 3
Short for Sleep is Good
man SIG tonight!
by jjbui March 30, 2010
0 3
The unique and/or distinctive signature one puts to be displayed every time he/she posts in a forum. Usually produced in Adobe Photoshop, it has a wide array of possibilities to be portrayed. There are many different sig styles, and entire forums are devoted only to the advancment of signature making.
*Here you go, I made this sig for you!
*Can you please rate my sig I just made?
by epic July 27, 2005
29 32
Anything revolving around being homosexual. Anything that is not straight. Something gay. GAY.
i' AM sig
by sig'n it June 30, 2009
5 9
to crack jokes on a person. To talk down on a person in fun.
Eric want's to Sig on Charles. Eric told charles that his face was a big as the back of my truck.
by Eric W.Sr. December 01, 2006
15 19
Short nickname for Sigma Chi fraternity: the best frat in the world since 1855.
Man, those Sigs really know how to party! Awsome dudes, real solid!
by Keebz May 09, 2004
57 62
sig or sigg
short for signature
often the name for someones uniqe picture they put in there posts
and its my name.
please write your sig on the x.
dude have u seen my sigg yet?
my name is sigg.
by sigg March 09, 2005
43 50