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A duffel bag, tactical vest, backpack, rucksack, or other similar luggage item containing items typically used for survival in the event of a disaster, natural or otherwise. Commonly found in the possession of survivalists, conspiracy theorists, and citizens who live in disaster-prone areas. Typically contains a map & compass, one or more firearms, firearm cleaning gear, ammo, food, weather radio, flashlights, spare batteries, signal mirror, hatchet/field axe, tent, space blanket, chemlights, paracord, water or water treatment chemicals, flares, combat/survival/utility knife, first aid kit, sunscreen and bug spray. Acronym for the term "Shit Hits The Fan."
I got my M4, a stash of .223 NATO, a knife and a coupla MREs in my SHTF bag, who knows when we'll need em?
by JunkyardECM July 17, 2009
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