Easily mistaken for shit in predictive text. Also, much better than shit.
ME: AHH holy shiv!

YOU: Wtf? Shiv?

ME: Much better than shit.
by Turtle XD February 03, 2008
to thrust towards someone or somthing with a blunt, rusty, serrated knife.
ill shiv ya, you little bitch.
by perry March 06, 2006


propa kickin super rad is what we aim for
see groupies at pizza hut!
ah SHIV i just saw banji
by pisserpisser May 02, 2007
According to the power that is the T9 mobile phone dictionary, the definition of shiv must be, "Of less than acceptable quality"
That car is a pile of shiv
by moleymole September 06, 2006
noun: another word for poop, crap, feces; an exclamation for something unusual, wondrous, or craptatious.
"Can you believe that shiv?"
"Thats the shiv!"
by ChinerDoll November 16, 2006
A character from the popular show "Static Shock" on Cartoon Network. One of the Bang Baby villains, Shiv is oriental in appearance, with indigo spiked hair and a goatee, deep black eyes and a manic grin.

Shiv's apparell consists of a white t-shirt under a dark red half-sleeved jacket, open and scoop-neck, with black cuffs and a black band across the bottom. He also wears a pair of dark red pants, and oriental-style black slippers.

Shiv's real name is Scott Drake Takoshi, he's 17 years of age and (in my not so humble opinion) verrrrrrrrrry cute. ^_^ His power is manipulation of light-energy; he can create light weapons with his hands. Ninja-stars, lanterns, ropes, chains, pipes, samuari swords, and many other weapons and items imaginable, including sabers, or shivs, hence the origin of his name.
Did you see Shiv in the last episode! He was frickin HOTT!
by amangamoocow July 17, 2005
a warm lovely Irish woman with a bad temper
she's a lovely Shiv
by Shiv Q June 10, 2005

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