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noun: An overpowering amount of ugliness appearing on a person's face. No matter what that person can do to make themselves appear more attractive, they fail miserably and possibly become uglier or fugly. At this point, the name ' shit smile ' comes into play.
example # 1" Hey, is Joe still going out with Shit Smile ?" asked Mike.
" No. " replied Sue. " He dumped that ugly bitch months ago "

example #2: Darla got chills as she was placing her groceries down on the conveyer belt at the local grocery store. She had been warned of the hediousness that resided and worked there, but nothing like the shit smile that was indeed, her cashier.

example #3: "No one will ask me to prom this could they? I'm the ugliest girl in school." sobbed Patricia. For she understood that being a shit smile, life would never be easy.
by TEE NAH NAH April 19, 2006
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