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Variation of the term "short change". Refers to smaller denominations of coins (dimes, nickels, pennies) given as change from a store clerk/gas station attendant/vendor in leiu of larger coins (quarters, dimes). Resulting in more loose change in your pocket or purse and the inability to use said change in coin operated machines (parking meters, gum ball machines, laundromats etc.)
MAN 1: "Dude, you got 2 quarters for five dimes? Habib shit changed me on the soda I bought and I got to feed the meter."

MAN 2: "What the fuck am I gonna do with five dimes?!!! Why didn't you tell the camel jockey you needed quarters?"

MAN 1: "I did, but all I heard was 'derka derka derka, mohammed jihad, Please come again.'"
by BamBam919201 September 14, 2007
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