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The act of intoxicating oneself for a lengthy period of time, with cocaine, alcohol, prostitutes and money - then belligerently spewing forth uncontrollable, turret syndrome like goon babbleish delusions of grandeur...often used to spin doctor ones ass out of a huge heap of shit.
Notxas was on such a SHEENER through the 80's and 90's that he doesn't know what is real and what is a hallucination - but damn...talks smak like a champ!

I got a suitcase full of blow,lets get crazy, you trash my room, so I won't have to pay you for putting out, lock you into the entertainment center,...Sound like a hot date? Oh look, I'm on my own drug right now, oh oh my face is melting off!
by JKOR_ March 08, 2011
Another term for a bender, i.e. a series of continuous days of straight drinking, with high possiblity of numerous bad decisions along the way. Basically, a day in the life of Charlie Sheen.
I'm hangin over from a 4-day Sheener in Miami.
by bowlingshirt90263 January 30, 2011