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sewt is probably the worst misspelling of "sweet" ever made by person. You were probably looking up the word "sweet" in that search box but came up with this. Well, you are the second definition of this word.

1.Instead of saying "cool" or "sweet" one can say "sewt".

2.A Sewt is a person that is typing so fast on an Instant Messanger, or anything on the computer, that they are hurrying up to type to get in a word before the other person. The Sewt doesn't make sure they typed correctly, and came up with words that make no sense at all that no one understands it.

KillGoreM3: Hey hey. there's no HW for Algebra, right?
ninjacracker93: No, we dont.
KillGoreM3: sewt.
ninjacracker93: lol what?
KillGoreM3: I meant *sweet
ninjacracker93: lol you are such a sewt.
KillGoreM3: aww, leave me alone you n00b.
by Diogenes Martinez December 04, 2007

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