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Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. The equipment used to breathe underwater.
I'm too afraid of water to go SCUBA diving.
by jeremy March 30, 2005
A variation of the Tea Bag wherein the man turns towards the woman's feet and carefully places both ass cheeks over the eye sockets. When done properly the asshole should be touching the tip of the nose forming the scuba mask. Last, and most important, the balls are placed in the mouth to form the mouth piece.
Hey Bob, I feel I should let you know that I gave your sister a scuba last night.
by Dirky January 14, 2007
It stands for Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
I went to Sport Chalet to get scuba gear.
by a. vanderbilt February 23, 2005
Sucking on the clit while your nose is under the butt area.
I pulled a scuba the other night.
by acejr88 July 10, 2008
An acronym

Mr. George Feeny: Mr. Hunter, perhaps you could tell us what SCUBA means?

Shawn Hunter: Something... Creepy... Under... Boat... Andy
by WHAT!!!!! August 04, 2012
Adjective used to describe a person whom is stylish or to directly describe a certain attitude that person has
"Hey man, you're looking scuba today!
by #scuba December 12, 2012
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