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it is obvious that scotty has got it
ex.- maybe scotty got ass.. a new car?.. who knows, the possibilities are endless for scotty and his gottness.
by missy August 02, 2003
Scotty has gotten it on many occasions, When he gets it u say SCOTTYUGOTIT! Other people have got it too; a few of who have high gottenss are Dball, DVaughan, and Robby head, KKash, JMoney, DTrain, and J-Unit.
The first gotteness occurred at the Track banquet, Scotty's name was read out and all his track accomplishments were read out and he received a Varsity letter. However B. Sacks didn't got it, when his name was called out no accomplishments were read because he didn't have any
by B. Sacks June 16, 2003