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Scotty has gotten it on many occasions, When he gets it u say SCOTTYUGOTIT! Other people have got it too; a few of who have high gottenss are Dball, DVaughan, and Robby head, KKash, JMoney, DTrain, and J-Unit.
The first gotteness occurred at the Track banquet, Scotty's name was read out and all his track accomplishments were read out and he received a Varsity letter. However B. Sacks didn't got it, when his name was called out no accomplishments were read because he didn't have any
by B. Sacks June 16, 2003
it is obvious that scotty has got it
ex.- maybe scotty got ass.. a new car?.. who knows, the possibilities are endless for scotty and his gottness.
by missy August 02, 2003