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The premier Division in the SCFFL.

The Gold Division is comprised of six members. With the 4 original members, Rainbow Warriors, KingDingaling, Asian Invasion and Number1NME. Two new members ( Sweep the Leg Johnny and Phineas Phucker) where added at the conclusion of the 2009 season, from the now defunct Black Division.
Since it's inception into the SCFFL, the Gold Division has dominated League play.

The Gold Division has placed a team in every MUF Bowl, since its creation.
Due to the overwhelming superior quality of the original Gold teams, the two new members where the lesser teams taken from the former Black Divison.
The lackluster Red Division was allowed to take the two better teams, in order to boost their weak division.
The Gold Division is the only division in SCFFL history to place two teams in the same MUF bowl (Rainbow Warriors, KingDingaling).
The SCFFL Gold Division is playing for the MUF....again.
by K27 aka KingDingaling February 27, 2010
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