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The SCAPA Speech Team, based in Lexington, Kentucky, is a small group of dramatically-inclined students in the 6th-8th grade, who have been the KHSSL state tournament champions for the past 14 consecutive years. Led by fearless leaders Beth Randolph, Katie Donoghue, Karen Stayton, Debbi Dean, and many others over its long and successful history, the speech team is prone to late-night practices, inside jokes, hilarious improvisation, grueling stop-and-start sessions, pieces that make you laugh, and pieces that make you cry. The speech team is like one big happy family, and they owe all of their success to their wonderful and supporting coaches, parents, and other members. Penguins for life!
"Did you hear that the SCAPA Speech Team won the championship again?"
"Yes, this is their fourteenth year! I wonder if they have lives, with all that time they practice?"
"No, they don't." :)
by ockermanmiddle April 06, 2011
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