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such a good look. as opposed to nagl - not a good look.
check out that prada frock. sagl.
by saglgrl February 13, 2010
SAGL is an acronym for "Smiling After Getting Laid". This term is used when someone absolutely cannot wipe the grin off their face when coming in after an excellent and sexually successful night out.
Louise - "Yo, Jane you were totally SAGL this morning!"
Jane - "Yah, it was a really good night"
by canadiangoodrickegirl June 15, 2010
A SAGL is a Self-Appointed-Group-Leader. Someone who decides out of the blue that they are in charge, with little or no support from the rest of the group. They continue on their own direction whether the groups follows or not, believing them to be following.
Julie's acting like the SAGL again... damn that's annoying.
by Ryan November 27, 2004
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