Sell A Bunch Of Stuff
Used in a Sales Department as a means to motivate, inspire and keep the sales representatives focused and on task.
At the end of a sales meeting, the Vice President of Sales shouted "SABOS!".
by SoaringQueen December 09, 2009
Top Definition
Cool, smooth, entertaining. Someone people want to be around.
"That guy rocks. He's so Sabo."
by steve July 15, 2003
an acronym for the words "Suck A Big One" used only when saying goodbye to someone.
Mike smiled and said, "SABO" to the security guard as he exited the garage.
by christopher cook June 23, 2005
an act in which you are completely disrespectful to a girl
After a guy pours a beer on a girl's head:
"That guy just saboed that girl"
by Roger Alpha February 04, 2007
Coined by George 'Zorbad' Zorbas, SABO stands for 'Suck A Big One'. Commonly used as an insult in conversations consisting of friendly banter.
"George, why do you SABO so hard braz?"

"Lol Sabo"
by Swag_Master_3000 July 14, 2015
v. The act of waking up before your roommates and immediately smoking any weed left in the bowls from the night before.
Man, I sabo'd a hit of that chron this morning.

Don't sabo that bowl, man: we're almost dry.
by Alaskan Thunder November 28, 2010
Noun. 1. Shortened way of saying "sabotaged". 2. Description of someones, usually a boss or work colleague, deliberate subversion of your personal plans.
Jimmy: "Hey Mack, we gonna do lunch or what?"
Mack: "No man, Boss said I gotta get these reports finished by 2:00."
Jimmy: "Man, you got sabo'd"
by Maglicious March 17, 2005
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