acronym for Spontaneous Acts of Black Stupidity. Usually used when referring to the somewhat erratic and offending behavior of African Americans by Caucasians; such as their tenancies to touch basketball rims, yell very loudly at each other from across streets, get in big fights that jeopardize anyone within 20 feet, or any other stupid activities that mostly performed by African Americans. SABS is usually stated as a word of warning to other Caucasians without offending the nearby African Americans.
It is uncommon in sentences, but when it is used in sentences it appears as a plural noun (regardless of the amount) describing a past event.
1. Two white boys, Robert and Andrew, are walking by the basketball court on their way home from tennis practice. They see two black boys playing basketball. One of them elbows the other in the face while dunking, and then proceeds to run around the court whooping and hollering; the other black man throws the ball at him and the two of them get in a fight.
Robert turns to Andrew and says, "SABS"
Andrew nods in agreement, "SABS indeed"

2. Uncommon sentences usage
Robert, "The other day I saw some SABS; they nearly broke my leg."
Andre, "Well thats just terrible."
by kamakazi May 01, 2007
Top Definition
Smoke A Blunt; Smoking A Blunt
Lets go SAB!,
Time to SAB,
Yo all Andrew's away message says is "SAB!" what does that mean??? Are you stupid??? Hes off smoking a blunt!
by aevtcn26 June 03, 2008
Stupid Ass Bitch
him and his SAB can go to hell
by yadontneedaknow May 19, 2009
Sabs is me, too! The coolest nickname out there...short for Sabrina.
"Hey, Sabs...let's go bowling." ;)
by Sabrina January 21, 2005
Smoke A Bowl

Slam A Beer
"Yo yanna go sab?"
" Got Any Sabbage?"
" Dude Lets Go Sab at the chicks party"
by WeezyBaby420 April 13, 2007
A phrase originating from the slums of Shaolin used in referring to the act of "smoking a blunt" filled with marijuana.

S - smoke
A - a
B - blunt
Cook: Wanna s a b?
Cappy: Yes.
by Cookinatoraid August 19, 2009
To "Smoke a Bowl". To partitake in smoking of marijuana, pot, weed, herb, etc.
Hey Mark! Want to smoke? Yeah! Let's S a B!
by Jorge Regula June 19, 2006
(Es-A-Bee) Means to (S)moke (A) (B)owl. which is referring to smoking WEED, Marijuana,THC ,Buddha, ghanja, Tijuana i think you get the idea.......
Yo you want to come over after school and S.A.B?
by Will najour December 06, 2006
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