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adj., unpleasant, full of bad luck, accusatory, and disregardful
Acronym for SO UTTERLY XACHETH. So and Utterly are used in conjunction to emphasize the Xacheth-ness.
Ecology major drop-out to Rich freshman scapegoat driving Hummer-h2: Your S.U.V. S.U.X.
Freshman to Drop-out: Get a job Sko.
by Freddy J Barrett October 31, 2003
2 9
The noun form of the verb "sucks". Used to connote a lack of quality or skill. Can also be used as an interjection.
"This 486 is sux."
"I just beat you 45-0, you are obviously sux."
"Haha sux!"
by DopefishJustin June 29, 2003
336 133
Another style to write "sucks". When something or someone sucks, that means they are not good or bad, or you didn't like it.
Da new movie sux.
by Fangsta March 17, 2003
215 75
v., to suck = to be a burden
- internet slang.
internet slang proves to be highly convenient, making this common phrase so popular.
... man, that sux.
used as one would use "sucks"
by californialicious June 16, 2004
85 53
Someone who isn't very cool is teh sux.
Yuo r teh sux!
by teh sux December 21, 2002
108 82
The airport code for Sioux City, Iowa's airport, "Sioux Gateway Airport / Col. Bud Day Field"
I'll be arriving at SUX at 2:35
by Augster Dogster April 14, 2009
44 27
An idiot's way of trying to spell sucks on AIM.
Awe man, that suxs!
by Charles Martin September 19, 2003
44 33
See sucks
This suxs!
by Luke Jones February 07, 2003
19 14