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Britney Spears Aids. Spears Aids. A form of aids that you can only get from Britney Spears' Va-jay-jay. (made up)
Omg you whore, you have spaids!
You have spaids!
by S. Winter October 23, 2007
A young florida rapper that resides in Panama City, one of the "spring break capitals"
Eh, I heard dat nigga S.P.A.I.D. when I went down to P.C. He was raw as crap!
by Dat Nigga Steve September 07, 2006
Indicates receiving payment, usually in regards to a job
Steve: Wanna go to Quiznos for lunch?
Brad: No man, my ass is broke
Steve: But, we got paid last night
Brad: Fo'rizzle, sweet I s'paid
by Steven Tizzle December 01, 2005
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