A bib in the shape of a ship, constructed to carry a small amount of fish and chips around a restaurant, or more commonly, a pub.
"Hey guys, I'm hitting up the bar to fill up my shib. Does anyone want anything while I'm there?"
by Garvenator January 04, 2012
a puff of smoke
you are sure to see many shibs on that 70's show.
by Betsy B. July 10, 2008
shortened form of shibby meaning in agreeance to any statement made. or just to be completely random and say it whenever you please
man 1:"yo man that green we had the other night was the shit, i dont remember anything that happened!"
man 2: "shib"
man 1: We dont have school tomorrow!
man2: SHIB!
by No-Yes January 25, 2005
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