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One of the most necrotic, foul and depraved organizations ever to have been created. This organization, starting out in the deceptively quiet suburb of Beecroft, has a 20 year history, as of 2007. The tenets of S.A.B. or Satan At Beecroft include brutality to an extreme degree, hate, metal music appreciation and reviewing, good food, and various social experiences including going to metal concerts.
The members of the organization are called 'SABites', 'SABanists' and are commonly described as 'SABtanic'.
1. I love that place S.A.B.(Satan At Beecroft) I'm going next week.
2. Get fucked.
3. S.A.B.(Satan At Beecroft) is brutal. You are not. Come. Become brutal.
4. mm.. Wormed.
by Anaal Nath. September 18, 2007

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