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its the sickist hood of jigga city aka baton roung louisiana home of the imfamous fatz and troll
wut u fuckin wit them s-town boy, shit u know u gon die
by troll258963 August 09, 2006
Refers to the city of Strongsville.
Man if you smell them skank, then you in S-town.
by Dr. Drama(Roggg) February 07, 2004
st.paul what the fuck you think it was boay
s town gone be off da hook tonite boay
by espking11 March 02, 2007
S-town Bulgaria the capital of bulgaria the center of EU hip hop n rap aka S.O.F.I.A. Da ghetto sofia,bulgaria west side da cite where r da hot gurlz n dope cars !!
S town kingdom down town haven by Mvp
by M_v_P May 26, 2006