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Sex Position of the Week: a most wonderful feature on Cosmopolitain's website for those who cannot aquire the books, it provides visual aid and written instructions on sex positions that are quite out of the ordinary.
boyfriend: WOW! how the hell do you come with these things? i've lost weight since i met you.
girlfriend: it's all about the spows baby
by amibbdos February 03, 2007
Nickname for a girl typically by the name of Sara. She is usually the definition of perfection, hence the Pow part of the name. The Pow is one of the few things a guy will be able to say as she enters the room. A girl who goes by S-Pow is easy to love, understanding, and attracts all the attention from a room as she enters. She's usually a cool girl who can also shred some gnar pow as well.
Guy 1: Did you see S-Pow last night?
Guy 2: How could I have missed her, everyone's jaws were dropping when she entered.
by xlamarsnox February 04, 2010
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