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-a girl who constantly gets ejaculated semen on her face..
----from different people;
Merrill-That girl Diana is a skeet face.
Courtney- eeewwww
by bigmamatwiiggy December 11, 2010

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The look that a woman give you after giving you head, when she wants your load across her face.

Asian women are notorious for showing this expression unintentionally.
Sorry baby I couldn't help it you gave me the s'keet face. Do you want a towel?
by brian long-dong March 18, 2006
a large amout of man juice on a womens or mans face
"that girl went to my house and got total skeet face"
by tyler francis May 15, 2006
A dirty whorebag that gets her face skeeted on.
She's a skeetface whore!
by Sommer Goode December 05, 2007