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A Mexican homeowner (who has been handed the property by his parents) who cruises the parking lot at Home Depot or Lowe's, searching for a white Anglo-Saxon to hang dry wall during a refurbishment.
Yo, Lupe, don't bother with that S'coopy. He's waiting for Chad to finish the job.
by Guillermo March 31, 2004
48 113
to pick up a girl at a club , or to hook up with her
"Bro who u scoopin tonite?"

"All the bids are gettin scooped tonite , buddy"


'Bro you scoopin jiggs tonite?"

"Ahhhh buddy defintie scoop"
by scoopyboy12 April 21, 2010
12 3
Someone who likes Culvers way too much. Often they go multiple times a week and prefer the kids meals so they can get a free scoop of ice cream. They also eat other peoples food if the opportunity arises.
Scoopy went to Culvers AGAIN.
by ScoopyJoy November 30, 2011
9 2
gaseous release from the rectum or fart
"i just heard you scoopy."
"Who just scoopied?"
by Harrison Waller October 30, 2007
10 15
A colloquial reference to the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
You up for some scoopies later?
by Bara-jar February 08, 2006
1 7