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Ryo is known for cybering the most girls on irc. Ryo is a legend.
"You can't be cool like Ryo!"
by Max Mopper January 23, 2008
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a sexii japanese boi dat loves orange. he's the type that comes over to you with hot chocolate and a blanket when it's cold. sometimes just wants time to spend with you and like to listen. talented in every way, self taught piano, noes how to play the guitar and the trumpet. I love you!
by joanne February 26, 2005
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Acronym for 'roll your own', and refers to roll-your-own cigarettes.
I've been smoking RYO's for the past 6 years now.
by Pooge June 01, 2006
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A Ryo (Female) is a turquoise cat-like creature that stalks the late night computer scene. She is reality. She will suck you into a black hole and keep you in her hard drive. She is the protector of two genders! She is your hermaphrodite princess!... A Ryo is also very loyal and cares a lot about the people around her. She is not a whore.
Person 1: Is that... Is that a Ryo? Oh God, it is! RUN!!!

Person 2: The Ryo got me! Save yourself! *Blargh!*

Person 1: Oh god oh god oh god, we should have bowed down to our hermaphrodite princess!
by princessbeliever May 04, 2011
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1. Girls that act like guys.

2. Assholes.

3. Dicks.

4. Weak.

5. Horrible kissing skills.

6. Pussy
1. Dude don't be a ryo.

2. My ryo itches.

3. Mommy, my ryo is pointing up.

4. I feel so ryo today.

5. God, my boyfriend has ryo.

6. You can ryo out, but we'll get you anyways.
by Duuuddeee August 23, 2009
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