Ryan & Emma. Two really nice people, truer for the former rather than the latter. Ryan being a wonderful gentleman who is loving, kind hearted, honest and sweet, a person who is always there when you need a shoulder to lean on. He truly is one of a kind and any woman would be awfully lucky to have him as their partner. Emma, being a genuine, very very simple girl and loves to love and care for people. A naive person, she trusts easily and loves unconditionally. Both Ryan and Emma are lovely people and i know that Emma loves and respects Ryan with all her heart. Emma however feels she is not the one to be with Ryan. He deserves someone who can fulfill all his wishes and desires, be able to live life to the fullest possible, but she feels she is weighing him down. From where i see, she doesn't have it within her being to be everything that Ryan needs or desires. Ryan deserves the world. A great guy with a perfect personality, wonderful morals, and a warm heart. He's the type of guy who melts many woman's hearts, breaks some, heals others and one day, he will find the one heart that makes his complete. He is on a search to find his one true love and his wish will be fulfilled someday soon. Emma... she'll be... okay. She will love Ryan forever, as he holds a very special spot in her heart. He has given her so much which she is very thankful for but she knows her presence in his life is hindering and sometimes causing him hurt, grief and pain. Ryan deserves the world in his hands.
"Ryan, the one emma has truly love... honestly, like really honestly, no pretenses, no manipulations, no nothing... just plain love..."

"Ryan deserves the world"

"Ryan & Emma two beautiful people who have enriched each other's lives, and emma will forever love ryan"
by YouDeserveTheBest June 13, 2010

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