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1. Substitute for 'Fucking', with most of the same applications in common usage and with much the same vulgarity, but you can probably get away with saying it in front of your parents.

Popularized on the television series Firefly and its motion picture incarnation Serenity.
"I think I know the answer, Mr. Garrison!"
"Mememememememememeh, mememeh!"
"Shut up, fatass!"
"Don't you tell me to shut up, you ruttin' Jew!"
"Eric! Did you just say the 'R word'?!"
by Daniel Kirk July 02, 2006
synonym for "sexin'." used in To Kill A Mockingbird. sometimes "ruttin' on" someone
we were ruttin' all night long
by MYOB May 21, 2001
When a person is in the midst of a sexual dry spell, or is on the prowl for a sexual partner. In the wild, the male white tail deer or "Buck" is said to be "rutting" during mating season whilst searching to spread his seed.
"I haven't gotten laid in months, I'm ruttin' like no one's business."
by Big A from the Little A January 23, 2012
getting in on something simular to plowing with a nose. Animals that are ruttin are animals using their nose to discover something.
Pigs like to use their nose to dig up grubs.
by Harold November 30, 2003
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